Η ΕΛΙΞ συνεχίζει την στενή της συνεργασία με την οργάνωση Polish Robert Schuman Foundation και σας προτείνει τρία προγράμματα ESC (European Solidarity Corps) μεγάλης διάρκειας, με τίτλο “Schuman Solidarity Crew”, στην Βαρσοβία.

Δύο είναι εκπαιδευτικά με θέμα της ενδυνάμωσης των παιδιών με ειδικές ανάγκες και θα πραγματοποιηθούν σε δύο νηπιαγωγεία της πρωτεύουσας της Πολωνίας, ενώ το τρίτο θα λάβει χώρα στο γραφείο της οργάνωσης Robert Schuman.

Τα προγράμματα θα ξεκινήσουν στις 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019 έως Αυγούστου/Ιουνίου 2019.
(Διαβάστε πως περιγράφει την εμπειρία της, η Χαράς, που μόλις γύρισε από το ίδιο πρόγραμμα σε ένα νηπιαγωγείο για παιδιά με προβλήματα όρασης!)

Προθεσμία Υποβολής Αιτήσεων: ΑΜΕΣΑ!

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is searching for 3 European volunteers who would like to join the Erasmus+ project “Schuman Solidarity Crew” starting in September 2019 until August/June 2020 in Warsaw, Poland.

Increase with us your intercultural experience, improve your personal and professional competences in special/European/civic/integrative education in formal and non-formal curriculum, share your experience and knowledge with others and join our Crew!

Volunteering activities will take place in 3 hosting organizations, all based in Warsaw; 2 special kindergartens and the office of the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation. Detailed description of the organizations, volunteers’ tasks dates of mobilities below.

We are looking for volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years, legally residing in one of the Program or Partner Countries. We seek a balance of varied ages, genders and nationalities amongst our volunteers. As required by the Erasmus+ Programme, all candidates from the European Union must be registered in the European Solidarity Corps database.

No specific knowledge, skills or experience are required, as the necessary ones can be acquired during the project. We are not looking for experienced volunteers but for highly motivated young people, eager to learn a lot.

Apart volunteers’ motivation, our second requirement is volunteers' strong will of learning the Polish language after the selection procedure successfully ends. It is important that volunteers can learn a few crucial phrases and expression, because they will work with children with disabilities and youth who do not often speak either English or any other language.

In order to integrate all volunteers, apart from the tasks that they will perform in their specific hosting organizations, common activities for all Schuman Volunteers will be organized. Indeed, all volunteers will:

  • write blogs dedicated to their experience in the form of articles, photographs, and audio/video materials. If you secretly dream of becoming a published author – you are in luck! Each month volunteers write at least one article about their volunteering experiences in Poland. These posts are published on the Foundation’s website and/or Facebook. If you are curious, have a look at the blogs of our previous and current volunteers on our website!
  • organize local activities – workshops/activities in cultural centers, libraries and NGOs to share intercultural experience among people from small societies. They will present their countries, cultures, volunteering experience and will promote European Solidarity Corps during workshops/activities addressed to youth, people with fewer opportunities, seniors;
  • take part in the preparation of the Schuman Parade & Schumanville, a series of events organized by the Schuman Foundation to celebrate Europe Day in the center of Warsaw. Together with their hosting organizations, volunteers and the Schuman Foundation will prepare a tent in Schumanville devoted to European volunteering and will awareness of the needs of people with disabilities;
  • take part in the “internal on-arrival training” organized by the Schuman Foundation in Warsaw. Hence, volunteers will spend their first day after their arrival all together and will take part in integration activities and trainings;
  • participate in monthly meetings. Once per month Schuman Volunteers will have a meeting at the Schuman Foundation and occasionally outside of its premises. These meetings are organized to give volunteers the opportunity to spend time together and with their coordinators who will always prepare activities for them, for instance the evaluation of the month, common activities, etc.

Pocket money: each volunteer will receive the amount of 120€ (in Polish currency – Polish złoty) per month – in cash or by a bank transfer (if they open a bank account in Poland).

Food money: each volunteer will receive a certain amount of money for food per month (90-110€ in Polish currency, depending on the exchange rate of the project)

Local transport: transport cards are provided – for volunteers in Warsaw a card for area 1 (strefa 1). The city has two areas of transport, however area 1 includes all main districts of Warsaw.

Accommodation: The Schuman Foundation will provide accommodation for the whole mobility period. Volunteers will share flats that are equipped with all necessary utilities. Volunteers are obliged to keep the flat clean :) In Warsaw volunteers will live in 3 apartments. Up to 6 volunteers share the same apartment. Volunteers often share a bedroom with another volunteer.

Living costs (water, electricity, internet, etc.) will be covered by the Schuman Foundation with a limit up to 90-110 złoty per month (depending on the flat and heating season).
Language support: for volunteers without any knowledge of Polish (up to A2) an online course will be provided. For volunteers with basic knowledge of Polish (A2 and up), a language course at a language school will be organized for the first two or three months, 1,5 hours twice a week.

Polish phone card: will be provided by the Schuman Foundation

Travel to & from the project: costs are covered up to limits of the European Commission based on the travel distance: EU european solidarity corps 4x3 GR
- For travel distances between 10 and 99KM: 20 EUR per participant
- For travel distances between 100 and 499 KM: 180 EUR per participant
- For travel distances between 500 and 1999 KM: 275 EUR per participant
- For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 KM: 360 EUR per participant

Medical tests: volunteers hosted in kindergartens and school with integrative classes will have to undertake sanitary medical tests, as it is required by the Polish law. The Schuman Foundation will cover its’ costs and will assist in the process.


Project 1 at the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation
Number of volunteers: 2
Project duration: 30th September 2019 – 25th August 2020

Description of the organization
The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on strengthening civil society, supporting active citizenship, promoting European integration and fostering European values. We use non-formal and interactive educational methods, such as activities in public spaces, simulations of elections and city games. We organize cultural exchange projects and take part in European voluntary movements, conferences, seminars, debates and workshops. Our goal is to present Europe and the EU in a simple and clear manner for specific recipients. We cooperate with EU institutions, many NGO’s working in the same field and with over 400 European School Clubs in Poland and other countries.

Volunteers’ tasks

  • Visiting schools and European School Clubs across Poland with prepared by themselves presentations/workshops about Europe & EU, European values and cultural diversity, possibilities of mobilities in Europe, their countries and other topics of volunteers’ interests connected with the mission of the project. Volunteers are expected to create interactive and engaging activities, by using non-formal education methods;
  • promoting international volunteering & European Solidarity Corps, by organizing an info point and activities of their interest/choice;
  • working on the Schuman Volunteer Press, an informative platform where volunteers collect media reviews and write their opinions on European topics;
  • assisting in the Schuman Foundation’s European & civic education projects;
  • volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their own projects.

In all activities volunteers’ ideas and creativity will be more than welcome!

Project 2 at the Special Kindergarten 393
Number of volunteers: 2
Project duration: 30th September 2019 – 25th June 2020

Description of the organization
Special Kindergarten No 393 in Warsaw is an educational institution for physically disabled children (cerebral palsy, genetics definitive, down syndrome etc.). There are 30 children aged 2,5-8 divided into 4 groups. Some children are able to walk and some are able to communicate verbally but some need help with all basic movements and operations. The pedagogical team is supported by specialists that lead different therapeutic activities, such as speech therapy, sensory integration, physiotherapy, etc.

Volunteers’ tasks

  • participating in the classes and helping the staff in everyday routine. They will help to change children’s clothes, feed children or help them to eat their meals and go to the toilet. Volunteers will take part in classes and workshops, group and individual activities with children in various age groups;
  • proposing their own activities for the group. There is a special kindergarten plan which educators must follow, but there is also some space for their own creativity – they can adapt theatre instead of reading to children or exercising their artistic talent by preparing materials and scenery for kindergarten plays and seasonal holidays and celebrations of international days;
  • suggesting educational group activities and/or individual work process for one child, under the supervision of an educator. Volunteers are also involved in preparations of festivities for the occasion of traditional Polish holidays (e.g. short theatre plays for parents);
  • learning about different methods of working with children with various disabilities. They will cooperate with specialists in everyday classes or therapies, so they will gain professional knowledge and working methods;
  • assisting in walks and visits outside of the kindergarten. Even if most of the children are not able to move or walk, some outdoor activities will be organize, for instance walks in the park with wheelchairs, visits in theatres, close kindergartens, etc.

Project 3 at the Special Kindergarten 245
Number of volunteers: 2
Project duration: 30th September 2019 – 25th June 2020

Description of the organization
The special kindergarten no 245 takes care of visually impaired children from 3 to 6 years of age. There are 40 children with various visual defects in the kindergarten. They are divided into 4 age groups. Apart from the didactic and educational functions, the kindergarten also fulfills prophylactic and therapeutic functions. The kindergarten provides oculist treatment for children who have been diagnosed with different visual defects, squint eye or lazy eye. Institution has a well-equipped room in which children under professional supervision perform their orthoptic exercise, by using specialist equipment. The institution also provides professional psychological, logopedic and educational therapy. Apart from regular activities, we also organize extra activities, e.g. musical lessons, gymnastic, art, dancing, and English classes.

Volunteers’ tasks

  • assisting during the teacher-managed group classes or individual lessons. Volunteers will get specific guidelines and training to prepare them to work with children with disabilities. They will help teachers in conducting workshops and classes for children in different age groups. They will also take part in therapies and professional lessons with experts;
  • helping kindergarten’s staff in daily routine with typical self-care activities, such as personal hygiene, helping at eating and dressing, midday nap;
  • providing additional activities, for example presentations of their countries, thematic days, celebrations of holidays, local events for parents;
  • preparing ideas on how to improve or develop existing activities and conduct them with teachers. Time for playing is the time during which volunteers are welcome to propose their own activities, such as handcrafts, musical workshops, books reading. They can implement their own solutions and ideas with acceptance of the teacher;
  • assisting during visits and activities outside of the kindergarten, such as going to cinemas, theatres, museums, etc. Together with children they will play in the garden at the playground which belongs to the kindergarten.

Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana will coordinate all volunteers, will be responsible for coordinating the project, financial management etc. The office of the foundation is located in Aleje Ujazdowskie 37/5, in the heart of Warsaw.

We ask each candidate to fill in and send us OUR APPLICATION FORM. Candidates can add other documents/personal presentations/ videos/photos/motivation letters to the application form if they want, but please know that applications without our form will not be taken into consideration. The recruitment procedure will take place through the European Solidarity Corps portal.

Please send applications to: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε. . In the title please write: APPLICATION 2019. We will analyze the applications just after receiving them, so please do not hesitate to send us application earlier! :) We will contact the candidates with the best applications and arrange skype/phone interviews.

IMPORTANT! Please DO NOT FORGET to inform ELIX about your application by sending an email to Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε., in order for ELIX to support your application.

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