EVS Volunteers experiences in Greece

More than 50 volunteers from all over Europe have participated in an EVS programm in Greece with ELIX during the last few years.

Martha, in the frame of European Voluntary Service program (EVS) offered 6 months of volunteering work at ELIX during our project “EN.SU.RE. Inclusion - Enhanced Support for Refugee Inclusion” with the financial support of the European Commission.

“Athens in (my) world,

It’s August and I am about to leave this beautiful country soon, but not before having plenty of Greece vacation this month, that Greek people flee the cities to fill up their vitamin D storage on any island.

Meet our three new European Solidarity Corps (ESC/EVS) volunteers who have joined ELIX since mid-March, ready to contribute to our work.

Marie, Martha and Joan arrived in Athens from France and Germany full of excitement and willingness to offer and their work has already shown the first results.

Lucy, in the frame of European Voluntary Service program (EVS) offered 12 months of voluntering work at ELIX during our project "EN.SU.RE. Inclusion - Enhanced Support for Refugee Inclusion" with the financial support of the European Commission.

Dear future volunteer,

Our EVS (ESC) volunteer Thomas S. participated in a 12 months programme through the “EN.SU.RE. Inclusion - Enhanced Support for Refugee Inclusion” project, funded by the European Commission.

Dear Potential Volunteer,

When I started to think about what I would like to do, whom I would like to help or be useful and where exactly, I didn’t choose Greece because I knew the country before, oh no! On the contrary! I wanted to discover something totally new!

Before my EVS I was working in the French and German mobility field and with Greece and in ELIX I wanted to discover the mobility in a larger way.

Matthieu is saying goodbye to ELIX after two months of voluntary service!

He was a short term EVS volunteer sent by our partners Solidarites Jeunesses in France in the framework of the project #ImpactEVS, funded by Erasmus+.


When I arrived to Athens about one year ago, I could not imagine all the new experiences and opportunities I had ahead me. Through volunteering, I had the chance to discover a new world and get to know new people and new realities.

My main task in ELIX was to support the placement of international volunteers in the workcamps ELIX organises every year in Greece and, fortunately, I also participated myself in two of them during the month of July.

What was the EVS for me?
I would describe it as a challenging and beautiful trip that I did not do only physically, but also mentally and inwardly, since it was an inner travel that led me to discover more things about myself.

In nowadays' society of efficiency, productivity and individualism, going one year abroad to purely volunteer and help a foreign community without expecting anything else in exchange requires a sufficient degree of madness, enthusiasm, and joy.

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