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These are the awards and distinctions that ELIX has received for her work:

2018 - 3rd Volunteer Festivakl “Volunteer Action” by SkyWalker: Silver Award in the Refugees - Immigrants category for the "Learning for Inclusion: Qualitative Learning and Non-formal Education for Children, Refugees and Migrants, in Greece" Project.

2018- Municipality of Dafni - Hymettos: Honorary plaque for ELIX's contribution to the work of the Hellenic Open University under the auspices of the Municipality of Dafni-Hymettus.

2017- 2nd Volunteer Action Volunteer Action Festival by SkyWalker: Two Silver awards in the Child and Family category for the School Holidays and the Refugees - Immigrants Program for the "Qualitative Learning Through Game and non-formal education, enhanced psychosocial health and positive integration for school-aged children in Greece ".

2015- QualityNet Foundation: In the "Bravo Society" category of the Bravo Sustainability Awards for Disability Support Actions implemented by the Organization.

2011- MPD CLUB & AXA Insurance: Honorary Plaque to the President of the Board of ELIX, Ms. Eleni Gazi for her voluntary career and contribution to society.

2008- Hellenic Ministry of Culture: For the significant action of ELIX in Ancient Olympia after the fires that broke out in 2007 in the wider region.

2007- Municipality of Athens: Honorary board from the Council of the 3rd Municipal Department for the offer of ELIX to volunteerism.

1993- General Secretariat for Forests and the Natural Environment: An eloquent mention of the contribution of the Volunteer Programs for the Environment (PEEP) (now ELIX) to the promotion and protection of the White Mountains National Park of Crete.

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