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The main pillar of operation for ELIX-Conservation Volunteers Greece is the contribution to fellow human beings and society in general. ELIX believes in volunteering and its overall narrative, cultivates voluntary consciousness and promotes voluntary action. The organisation's values are the cohesive element that ensures the achievement of its vision, an element which also characterizes all of its human resources, from management to its volunteers. The ultimate goal of ELIX is the contribution of volunteering to the personal development of the individual and also to his development as an active citizen of the world. Finally, ELIX defends and promotes the Protection of the Environment, Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Gender Equality.

Our Policies

ELIX operates following specific principles and standards, while also applying specific practices for the implementation of its actions and programmes.


1. Principles and Standards

The work of ELIX is governed by the principles of meritocracy, evaluation and equal opportunities for all, without discrimination or exclusion. Actions and projects implemented by the organisation follow internationally recognised standards, as well as standards of good governance and transparent management practices. Particular emphasis and attention are placed on ensuring gender equality and child protection (ELIX Child Protection Statement).


2. Procurement Policy

ELIX applies a specific Procurement Policy for the needs of the actions and programmes it implements, aiming at the transparency of the process and the quality of its products and services. For a more concise presentation see the relevant diagram (ELIX Procurement Diagram).

2.1 Procurement Procedure

ELIX has a specific procurement procedure (ELIX Procurement Policy) which applies to all of its voluntary work and includes the following actions:

  • Clarification of specifications
  • Finding potential suppliers
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Assignment of contracts
  • Control
  • Receipt

In particular, and for High Valued Contracts (≥ Euro 25,000), the ELIX Board of Directors sets up a special Contract Audit Committee.

2.2. Competitive bidding

ELIX awards contracts to prospective suppliers on the basis of competitive bids.

2.3. Contract Assignment

The Assignment of Contracts is evaluated objectively, while a relevant record is kept. The evaluation is based on specific criteria, such as quality specifications and pricing.


3. Good Governance

ELIX applies good governance standards and accounting practices.

3.1 Standards of conduct and ethics

ELIX has a Code of Conduct as an integral part of its Human Resources Recruitment Process. This code emphasizes integrity and high standards of ethical behavior, and is under constant development according to the needs and directions given by the stakeholders and organisations with which ELIX cooperates.

An integral part of the ELIX Code of Conduct is the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy along with its Appendices (ELIX PSEA Code).

3.2 Planning of actions and programmes

At ELIX we carefully assess the natural environment, taking into account the relevant risks, available resources and other parameters that affect the actions and projects we aim at. In cooperation with our partners, we ensure that local communities and population target groups are the main axes for the planning of our actions. In any case, we take into account the particular target group needs and characteristics.

3.3 Review and evaluation of actions and programmes

The evaluation of the actions and programmes is a continuous process that ensures the successful completion of our actions and the long-term use of the results.

ELIX implements a system of interim reports and evaluations, regarding all actions and projects implemented. This way, it checks at regular intervals the progress, while evaluating both positive and negative experiences and if necessary reshaping its implementation accordingly.


4. Recruitment Principles

ELIX selects its human resources based on both the anthropocentric perception of the candidates, as well as the abilities, skills, knowledge and experience necessary for the successful implementation of our projects. It thus guarantees selection procedures that ensure equal opportunities, but also equal treatment, without discrimination or exclusion. For this purpose, our organisation maintains a specific Policy on Human Resources Recruitment Process (ELIX HR Policy).



ELIX complies with the preservation of the personal data it collects in the context of its activities, in order to inform about its initiatives, actions and events and always in accordance with what is defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data Protection Officer: Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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