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Since it was first established in 1987, ELIX has implemented a number of voluntary actions in various regions of Greece in order to protect the environment, to preserve cultural heritage, to promote non-formal education and to strengthen social cohesion, while it has sent thousands of volunteers from Greece to workcamps abroad.

At the same time, ELIX has designed and implemented a series of social programs, aiming at strengthening social inclusion, protecting the rights of socially vulnerable groups and serving their needs.

Recent Announcements

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Call for long term ESC/EVS “Volunteering is in our Nature vol.2019” in Athens

Applicant of the project is ELIX - Conservation Volunteers Greece, www.elix.org.gr

Students from Finland visited ELIX's Learning Center

A school visit to ELIX and the Educational Center in Patission Street took place on Tuesday, October 9, by a group of Finnish students from the Gymnasiet Grankulla samskola as part of their educational school trip to Greece.

“YOUth Exchanges for Diversity - #YEs4Diversity” by ELIX

“YOUth Exchanges for Diversity - #YEs4Diversity” is the title of the new project proposed by ELIX that will be implemented over 2018-2019 and will include two Youth Exchanges, and preparatory meetings (APVs).

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Opportunities to participate

Check out the opportunities to participate in a workcamp, seminar, youth exchange, ESC (EVS) etc. with ELIX

Call for long term ESC/EVS “Volunteering is in our Nature vol.2019” in Athens

ELIX is looking for 2 volunteers for a long term ESC / EVS project in Athens.

Become a volunteer in ELIX educational actions for refugee children

ELIX is looking for motivated volunteers to assist the teaching of English and/or Greek to children, refugees and migrants, as well as their parents/guardians, in Athens

"Summer in the City" - 2018

ELIX will organize for the seventh consecutive year this type of workcamps. The workcamps aim to support families that encounter difficulties, by providing their children the oppor...

Volunteers experience in Greece

Read the experiences of volunteers who participated in a workcamp with ELIX

Lisa Thierry: What about my EVS in Greece ?

Lisa Thierry: What about my EVS in Greece ? Lisa was an EVS Volunteer in ELIX for 12 months during ...

Matthieu an EVS volunteer in ELIX - 2018

Matthieu is saying goodbye to ELIX after two months of voluntary service! He was a short term EVS vo...

Andres @ ELIX "12 months of constant learning" - 2017

When I arrived to Athens about one year ago, I could not imagine all the new experiences and opportu...

Valentina at ELIX07 "Summer in the City" - 2017

Valentina was at ELIX07 "Summer in the City" voluntary workcamp at Aspropirgos. "...If you really wa...

Francesca experience, EVS volunteer in ELIX - 2017

What was the EVS for me? I would describe it as a challenging and beautiful trip that I did not do...

Carla at ELIX01 "Recycle for good" in Athens - 2016

Carla was participating at ELIX01 "Recycle for good" in Athens. "... these memories still contribute...

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