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Early Childhood Education

Enrollments do continue at the ELIX Homework and Creative Activities Center at Patission Street in Athens. 

Below you can find information about the educational programme and how to reach us to schedule an appointment for your childs enrollment: 

The ACE program is adressed to refugee and migrant children aged 4 to 17 and offers courses in Greek and English, Mathematics and natural sciences, homework support and psychosocial activities.

2023.10 Patision Schedule

For registration and information, please contact the team leader of the center: Vana Stavridi by phone 210-3810445 or WhatsApp: 690 879 2823. The Centre is located at 28is Oktovriou 20-22 (Patission) close to Omonia and Kaningos Square.

The Homework and Creative Activities Centre (HCAC) offers comprehensive support to refugee and migrant children and their families. 

The HCACs Patision is one of the three Centres of ELIX within the framework of the "All Children in Education - ACE Project". This program is based on the previous experience of our organisation of offering educational programs for children to ensure the support of all children with refugee and migrant background to able to access the Greek public education, thus eliminating the phenomenon of school drop out. The lessons are based on non-formal education methods, mainly on the development of soft skills so that children are ready to face the new social and professional environment.

In the HCAC Patision we offer Greek, English, mathematics, science and homework support. Additionally, children and young people have the opportunity to participate in skills-building sessions, such as music and movement-based learning, sports activities, photography, dance, and other workshops that are offered in the p^2 multispace (2nd floor). Translators are available for Arabic, Farsi, French, Ukrainian, Urdu and Turkish to support the enrollement process for ELIX classes​​.

Τhe current programme “All Children In Education - ACE project” is a UNICEF initiative, in cooperation with Ministry of Migration and Asylum, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by a number of partners, including ELIX.

The ACE project is implemented by ELIX since September 2021 as a continuation of the successful “Learning for Integration Project: Quality Learning and Non-Formal Education for Refugees and Migrant Children in Greece”, completed within March 2019 and  August 2021 and supported by UNICEF, IOM and DG HOME.

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