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Athens 20/7/2016

Press release: “pame Scholio!” - Providing Non-Formal Education to Refugee Children from Eleonas camp

ELIX has developed expertise in providing children from underprivileged neighborhoods with recreational activities and games in the fields of music, theatre, painting, and multicultural education through non-formal education methods.


Considering the refugee crisis in Greece and taking into account the fact that refugees will be present in the country for a considerable period of time, ELIX is planning to be involved in actions for the education and recreation of refugee children at the refugee camps. "pame Scholio" (let's go to school) a well-structured project has already been launched by ELIX at the beginning of July. The initiative provides recreational and educational activities to 200 refugee children from the Eleonas Camp. Certified educators and facilitators, as well as groups of volunteers, all trained by ELIX, will lead creative empowerment activities for refugee children at the 87th Multicultural Elementary School in the Gkazi district of the Municipality of Athens.

The project is funded by the Finn Church Aid, the largest Finnish development cooperation organization and the second largest provider of humanitarian assistance. Furthermore, Finn Church Aid specializes in supporting projects addressing the refugee crises.

Finn Church Aid Support ELIX activities

This program will enable children to have a smooth integration into their new reality. Since refugee children have not attended school for a certain number of years, if not at all, ELIX educators and facilitators will help to reduce children exposure to additional psychological trauma; and to prepare them for their integration into the Greek educational system.

By diminishing or eliminating stressful situations, as well as by creating a child-friendly environment at school, ELIX aims to:
• Provide refugee children with a curriculum of non-formal education that will prepare and enable them to be smoothly integrated into the Greek educational system.
• Give refugee children the opportunity to receive psycho-social support, in order for them to be able to realize and accept their new reality.
• Have a beneficial and supportive impact on this transient population.

Target group:
Refugee children aged 6 to 12 years currently residing with their families in the Eleonas camp.
According to nationalities, age and educational needs, we will gather children into separate groups.

Methodology and approach:
ELIX is currently organizing and coordinating a two-month pilot project in July and August which runs daily, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 14:30. After the pilot project we are planning to continue organizing educational activities during the school year, both in the afternoons and during weekends.
In cooperation with the “First Reception Service” and other authorities, ELIX will finalize a long term plan of action comprising the number of projects, the dates, the number of beneficiaries, their needs and the infrastructure available in situ.

The paid staff involved in the projects has undergone an initial training designed by ELIX and by our partner PYE (Partnerships for Youth Empowerment). Involved volunteers are prepared accordingly by ELIX facilitators and Project Coordinator.

Thanks to our project “Summer in the City” which has been running for 5 years, ELIX has developed a close cooperation with the Municipality of Athens. “Open Schools”, the new initiative of the Municipality, not only has adopted the “Summer in the City” formula, it has also provided the premises of the 86th Multicultural Elementary School in the Gazi district, near the Eleonas Camp. Indeed, a school located outside the premises of the Refugee Camp is a perfect venue, as it gives children the chance to get out of their everyday living environment.

Note: The Refugee Camp of Eleonas is under the auspices of the First Reception Service. ELIX is accredited in the list of NGOs cooperating with the First Reception Service.

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