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ELIX, having supported the pilot implementation of the Akelius Language Course since 2018, both in urban and camps' learning centers, participated in the creation of the corresponding Manual for teachers (Teahers' Guidance Manual on Akelius Language Course).

The Director of ELIX, Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou and the organization's chief of education, Irene Pathiaki, participated in the expert team, along with UNICEF executives such as Naoko Imoto, George Simopoulos and Antonios Alexandridis, supporting Amina Kleit and Nayla Halabi of the NGO Ana Aqra form Lebanon who prepared the guide. The group also included Philippe Testot-Ferry, Global Akelius Project Manager.

Significant was the contribution made by the team of ELIX teachers Alexandra Kamaretsou, Tatiana Katsina, Aliki Tzatha, and we would like to thank them for their participation in the development of the manual , which is available in Greek and English.

The Akelius Language Course, a collaboration of UNICEF Europe & Central Asia with the Akelius Foundation, supports language learning for children with refugee and migrant background.

You can download the guide here, in Greek and in English.

You can access Akelius Language Course for Greek Language here.

Or download the app from Google Play.

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