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The hospitality structure of Elefsina opened its doors for the reception and long-term hosting of refugees from Ukraine, in April 2022. The structure can host up to 150 people.

Last July, ELIX created its Homework and Creative Activities Centres (HCACs) in Elefsina Facitlity, which offers:


  • Greek and English lessons for children 4 -17 years old
  • Psychosocial activities and workshops
  • Remedial teaching to support children's attendance at formal education
  • Support for attending formal education in collaboration with Refugee Education Coordinators (RECs)
  • Parent workshops

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Facility has received a very large number of refugees from the country.

Kateryna moved to Greece last spring, due to the war in Ukraine. She is one of the most active moms who never gives up. She immediately got a job on tourism.

He now lives in the structure of Elefsina and actively participates in the parents' group created by ELIX, with the aim of empowering and supporting them. She considers learning Greek to be highly important, to achieve better integration in our country, in case she and her child will stay here in the future. This is why she studies a lot, with the help of the teachers of our Organization.

In her own words: "When I started learning Greek, my child acquired double motivation. Until then, when she came home after school, she only told me about the games they played. But when I started learning Greek too, she also started telling me about her respective lessons. Now, when she comes home, he shows me what she learned and I do the same.”

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