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This collection of poems was created by children, refugees and migrants, as part of the project "Learning for Integration: Quality learning and non-formal education for refugees and migrants, children and adults, in Greece (LIP)", implemented by ELIX with the support of UNICEF, the International Organization of Migration and the European Commission.

The students expressed themselves freely and artistically through Poetry, with the help of their teachers and our project’s psychologist, Harris Kontou, so that the process could work as -apart from recreational activity- a means of collective and personal development, as well as strengthening the team’s spirit.

After all, the purpose of our project is no other than an effort to secure a smooth integration of these children in the public education system, through proper preparation but also through the provision of remedial teaching to meet its requirements, which includes a series of other complementary activities that constitute our holistic approach to develop skills and talents that will help children to get to know themselves and follow their dreams.

Overall, ELIX’s educational projects to this specific group have benefited more than 5000 children, refugees and migrants and 1000 parents, since 2016.

Finally, we would like to thank the teacher Ilia Halimourda for her initiative and all the good work she put into it in order to make it happen.

Enjoy your reading (download the pdf of the Poetry Book).

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