ELIX is implementing a non-formal education project supporting migrant and refugee youth. As an ESC volunteer’ you will be responsible to support the operation and the function of the multispace of ELIX by organizing activities for young people residing in the center of Athens.

Your tasks will include:

  1. support and recruitment of young migrants and refugees in order to participate in an international voluntary service project either in Greece or abroad, they will also be responsible for administrative work to support the multispace, such as register beneficiaries who are interested to participate,
  2. free basic computer lessons,
  3. Intercultural "Arts and crafts" workshops,
  4. They will learn more about improvisation, verbal and nonverbal communication,
  5. theater techniques,
  6. Activities to promote sustainability, healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness. Participants are welcome to support already existing activities or organize their own with the support of ELIX staff.

The volunteer will receive a monthly food allowance of 120 Euros and pocket money (5 euros per day, appr. 150 euros per month).

Travel costs to and from Athens are covered up to a certain amount, depending on your current location's distance to Greece. Greek language courses will be provided by the Online Linguistic Support and insurance is covered by CIGNA. On-arrival training and mid-term evaluation will be provided and organised by the Greek National Agency.

For your application fill the following form and send your CV to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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