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In this section you can find proposals for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects.

ELIX is a certified organization for implementing EVS projects and carries the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. It certifies that an organisation taking part in the Corps is able to provide the necessary conditions for young people to take part in solidarity activities.

The ELIX team is delighted to announce the return of the successful "Summer in the City" Volunteering Teams in July 2024! After eight consecutive years of implementation, ELIX, with the support of the Municipality of Acharnes and the 18th Primary School of Acharnes, is back to offer another year of a unique experience to 60 children. This volunteer program is funded by the European Solidarity Corps and will take place at the 18th Primary School of Acharnes.

Please read the terms of participation in European Voluntary Service:

  1. In order to take part in a program, you must be between 18 and 30 years who are legally residing in an EU Member State, a third country associated to the Programme or in a third country not associated to the Programme and have registered in the European Solidarity Corps Portal.
  2. Candidates must: Have completed the compulsory training (online and face-to-face)
    Not have previously taken part in a long-term individual volunteering under the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps.
  3. A volunteer can take part in:
    - single individual cross-border volunteering activity longer than 2 months.
    - A second individual cross-border volunteering activity longer than 2 months is allowed only for young people with fewer opportunities or in duly justified cases determined by the National Agency.
    - multiple individual cross-border volunteering activities lasting up to 2 months;
    - multiple volunteering teams activities;
    - multiple in-country volunteering activities.

  4. Volunteering teams are solidarity activities that allow teams of participants coming from at least two different countries to volunteer together for a period between 2 weeks and 2 months.
  5. The total amount of time spent by a young person in European Solidarity Corps volunteering activities must not exceed 12 months and the activities carried out must not overlap. Activities carried out under Erasmus+ volunteering/European Voluntary Service will count towards the total of 12 months allowed.

  6. You will be asked to confirm that you agree with and will uphold the Mission and Principles of the European Solidarity Corps. Your details will be stored in the European Solidarity Corps system.
    Basic knowledge of the English language is essential (except if it is stated that knowledge of another language is necessary)
  7. Your contribution in the program is your offer of voluntary work for 30-36 hours per week. You must be an active member of the group and contribute to the work and the main target. If there are any changes in the nature and program of work that had been agreed beforehand, you must show flexibility and follow the new program, except if that contradicts the philosophy of voluntary service.
  8. The Leaders are responsible for the coordination of the program, the organisation of the economics, the supplies and the work. They are volunteers, just as you are.
  9. Concerning free time activities, it is essential that you cooperate with the rest of the team, so that you can take advantage of the free time creatively. Also, you are called to contribute and to follow the program, as that is defined from the organisation which is hosting you, based on the team’s needs. Volunteers cover their own expenses during free time. 
  10. The organisation ELIX is not liable for whatever changes are made by the hosting organisation or local authorities that host the program. 
  11. Certain projects pose special terms, for example smoking or drinking alcohol is prohibited at the place of the program, which you must respect and follow.
  12. Insurance: Participants entitled to the EHIC are required to present this card when visiting a medical provider. The European Solidarity Corps insurance plan will only cover the remaining eligible expenses not covered by EHIC.
  13. There is no participation fee applicable for European Voluntary Service Projects. 
  14. The volunteer is responsible to undertake the trip arrangements and expenses as well as the issuing of passport and visa, if necessary. 
  15. For residential volunteering teams activities be aware:
    - Accommodation expenses are covered by the hosting organisation.
    - You should always inform your leaders about leaving the group during free time.
    Staying overnight away from the accommodation that is provided by the hosting organisation is not permitted for your own safety.
    - During the program, it is not allowed to host and accommodate other people who don’t participate in the activities and don’t belong to the team.


Come work with us at ELIX multispace, so we can create a safe and creative space, with playing and learning activities, for refugees and immigrants. Among the activities in which you will participate are: - learning Computers and Programming Languages, - Poetry evenings, - Board game tournaments, - Painting workshops, jewelry making, etc.
We are looking for two (2) persons, aged 18 or above, who do NOT reside in Greece.

Come join the ELIX communication team and help promote the organization and its activities. With a daily presence on social media, with the opportunity to create quality audiovisual material, and always with the guidance of the Organization's Communication Officer and the ELIX Staff.  We are looking for one (1) person, aged 18 or above, who does NOT reside in Greece.

You can now participate in courses that have been designed and will be carried out by our pedagogical team. Among the topics that will be taught are the PSEA Policy on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, as well as the ELIX Code of Ethics. Our educators, social workers and psychologists provide daily coverage and support for the educational needs of the project.

ELIX is implementing a non-formal education project supporting migrant and refugee youth. As an ESC volunteer’ you will be responsible to support the operation and the function of the multispace of ELIX by organizing activities for young people residing in the center of Athens.

ELIX will implement the education programme “TeamWorks for Solidarity” (14 days duration) with the support of European Youth Foundation [EYF] and Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation of Greece funded by European Solidarity Corps [ESC] in order to promote, enhance understanding and mobilize young people in youth matters (youth/social workers) and benefit vulnerable population groups of children and adult refugee and asylum seekers.

Applicant of the project is ELIX - Conservation Volunteers Greece, www.elix.org.gr

When: from September 2020 to February 2021 (dates are flexible so indicate in your application in case there is any availability restrictions and we will take it into consideration)
Duration: for a duration of 5-6 months

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