Aeithaleia - Holistic project for the volunteering of elderly people and their active participation in society

The "Aeithaleia - Holistic project for the volunteering of elderly people and their active participation in society" Project is implemented within the framework of the Active Citizens Fund program, with ELIX - Conservation Volunteers Greece as the implementing actor and the University of Patras, PROOPSIS Business Consultants S.A. and OTEAcademy as partners. The Project emphasises on the value of volunteering for the elderly, while proposing a comprehensive strategy for its dissemination. In addition, it offers the tools for mediation between those wanting to participate and the actors and organizations of the Civil Society, willing and able to offer volunteer jobs.

Aeithaleia Logo 4x3The project is based on the previous experience of ELIX, regarding programs and actions to promote volunteerism and personal development. Its purpose is to highlight the participation and involvement of elderly people through volunteering, in order to establish active aging as a good health practice and also a metric for quality of life.

Accordingly, the ultimate goals of the "Aeithaleia" Projects are to promote intergenerational solidarity and justice, to remove negative stereotypes and to make use of a large number of elderly volunteers, who nowadays constitute a mostly inactive part of our society.

The main target group of the Project is people aged 55+. In any case, the program does not set age barriers, thus welcoming every person who wants to develop voluntary cooperative action, with the ultimate goal of the common good.

The basic challenge about the Project is the creation of a new social environment for increased voluntary participation, which will also address existing social needs. "Aeithaleia" aims to improve the physical and mental health of the participants by increasing their self-confidence, reducing stress and depression symptoms, as well as maintaining their mental alertness.

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