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2019-2022: Amna Refugee Healing Network (formerly "Refugee Trauma Initiative") supports the operation of a Baytna Hub in the open accomodation site in Eleonas, offering a safe and creative space for preschool children 2.5-4.5 years. old

El Sistema Greece is a communal music project, which since 2016 provides free music to children and young people in Greece. All children, regardless of origin, nationality, religion and thanks to the universal language of music, can use one of the most effective means for dialogue and companionship between their communities. The οrganissation's program offers choir lessons as well as such for musical instruments, promotes social mobility and is a tool for social interaction.

The Science United Project (SUP) aims to responsibly deliver science education to displaced students in all educational settings.

SUP leverages the tools of modern pedagogy to support teachers to teach science in an experiential way, an approach essential for displaced students to practice problem solving skills, new language acquisition and socioemotional skills.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas.

In partnership with Caritas Athens and ELIX, CRS supports children to build essential Greek language skills, increase their active participation in school, and facilitate their integration into Greek society.

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