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ELIX is moving to the digital age, responding to both the extraordinary conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and the new data created by the use of technology in the field of education in recent years.

For these reasons, ELIX is uploading to a hub the podcasts prepared -and still do- by our team of trainers, in the context of the distant, online learning that we have been gradually include in our educational program "Learning for Integration Project", implemented with the support of UNICEF since 2017. You can find and listen to the files by using all the known podcast players.

The aim of this new initiative is to make the best of the time children spend at home because of the lockdown and to keep in touch with their school, fueling their motivation and providing in the same time the knowledge they need.

The podcasts will cover all the courses we provide in the Learning for Integration Project, such as Greek, English and Science, as well as other areas such as homework, psychosocial support etc. The target group includes minors and adults, refugees and migrants in Greece.

The plan provides targeted episodes for each age group and ELIX has provided all the necessary support to our beneficiaries, ensuring that all children have access and assistance to participate.

ELIX has a long experience in the field of digital applications in education, having piloted the Akelius digital platform in Greece in collaboration with UNICEF and having hosted the Choosito digital library at our learning centers in the framework of our partnership with the Open Schools project by the Municipality of Athens.

The podcasts give teachers the opportunity to continue their work and overcome the obstacles posed by distance, while at the same time create new opportunities for the children, who are called upon to create their own material and study in their own time.

The new tool is also combined with our social media which are already being used by our teachers to continue their work, such as Facebook classrooms, and will be evaluated constantly in order to adapt and/or to be enriched, according to the findings of this process.

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