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ELIX is implementing many co funding projects by the European Union, as a coordinator or partner

by Bennet Berg participant for Germany:

Somewhere between sleeping and being awake I arrived in Athens airport. Actually I was not excited. The reason might be the sleepless but wet night before.
Anyway, as soon as the sun rays touched my skin I was energized again!

The conference “ec4la European Citizens for Local Action” gathered interested citizens and the partner organizations from twelve European countries in Athens to discuss ways and present tools on promoting active citizenship and European identity through volunteering. The three day conference (22-23-24 of February) was the first event of all partner organizations of the ec4la project financed by the European Union.

Πρόγραμμα Εκπαίδευσης από την ΕΛΙΞ στην Αθήνα

In December 2012, ELIX organized an international training course on empowerment, creativity and entrepreneurship in Athens. The international training course “Dynamo” aimed to provide tools and competencies to current and future project managers and Non-Formal-Learning activity leaders of NGOs within the area of empowerment and entrepreneurship, with a focus on creativity and peer support. 18 participants from the East and West of Europe worked together for 9 days under the support of ELIX trainers and facilitators.

Εκαπιδευτικό σεμινάριο με την ΕΛΙΞ στην Θεσσαλονίκη

Citizenship has its roots in the idea of active participation in the local community.  The actions in these communities are the ones that make the difference and build an active Europe.

“Can YOUth make it?” will focus on the initiatives taken by local groups and local organisations and will show the effect that the projects have on citizens life in the respective community. 

From the 19th to the 25th of October 2011, in the context of the European Year of Volunteering, ELIX-Conservation Volunteers Greece implemented a youth exchange in Athens entitled "Volunteering 2011@Eur", giving the opportunity to 25 youngsters from Belgium, Germany,Spain, Italy and Greece to participate actively in a program concerning volunteering.

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