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Social Actions to Support Vulnerable Groups and Awareness

Having the promotion of voluntary work as its main mission and aiming at contributing to the personal development of the individual and his/her evolution as a world citizen of the world through active social participation, ELIX has developed during the recent years a number of activities and projects that seek to address social problems and mitigate the effects of the economic and social crisis.

Our projects are aiming mainly at children, young people and their families residing in Greece but also, at children and young people reside in Greece due to the refugee crisis of 2015.

In addition, we implement work experience programs, which support unemployed and young graduates.

  • Skyschool by ELIX

    ELIX has offered -in partnership with Sky School- a series of social entrepreneurship courses in Athens, Greece for young refugee and migrant learners.

    Sky School, an education initiative for refugee youth, aims to become the first international high school for displaced youth and refugees who have limited access to education because of conflict. It aspires to design a high school diploma program, based on online lessons and on-the-ground learning, which will be internationally recognized and founded on an international curriculum, inspired by the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).


  • Project Yoga

    Continuing the project that was initiated by the successful cooperation with Finn Church Aid (FCA), ELIX is offering the “Project Yoga”, an educational project for locals, refugees and migrants that is promoting non-formal education as a tool towards integration and personal development, in 2019 too.


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