Το Πρόγραμμα Seeds of Solidarity 2.0 λαμβάνει χώρα σε περιοχή έξω από την πρωτεύουσα της Ουγγαρίας, Βουδαπέστη. Οι εθελοντές θα συνεργαστούν με τοπικά σχολεία και κέντρα νεότητας, για την ανάπτυξη μεθόδων μη τυπικής εκπαίδευσης, στην Αγγλική γλώσσα. Οι επωφελούμενοι θα είναι παιδιά και νέοι με λιγότερες ευκαιρίες για εκπαίδευση.

Σε συνεργασία με την οργάνωση φιλοξενίας Egyesek αναζητούμε έξι (6) εθελοντές, ηλικίας 18 έως 30 ετών, για εργασία σε διάφορες τοποθεσίες όπως κέντρα νεότητας και γηροκομεία. 

Διάρκεια του Project : 10 μήνες, 01/04/2023 - 31/01/2024

Προθεσμία Υποβολής Αιτήσεων : ΆΜΕΣΑ!

Συμπλήρωσε την παρακάτω φόρμα υποβολής :


Solidarity 2.0 is a 10 months long-term ESC volunteering project:

  • Where you will be working with 8 fellow international volunteers in a rural area of Nógrád county, in north of Hungary.
  • During the project volunteers will be working in different locations, such as local schools, youth centers, an elderly home, and a kids center.
  • Volunteers will implement English-speaking, non-formal education sessions for children and youth with fewer opportunities.


  • Organise and deliver creative workshops and non-formal sessions in local schools and youth centers
  • Provide open youth work services and leisure time activities for young people aged 6-21 on a daily basis.
  • Enrich the youth centers with activities developing their competences, skills, and interests which expand the image of the world for the youth.EU european solidarity corps 4x3 en
  • Deliver English and German lessons in schools by using non-formal educational methods.
  • Assist our trainings, workcamps, and youth exchanges in our Creative Space Youth Center in Hollókő.
  • Put your own initiative (project idea) into practice with professional support.

1) What locations will you be volunteering at?

  • Youth Centers
  • Schools
  • Elderly Home
  • Nursery Home

2) How will your week look like?

  • A regular working week is 30-38 working hours including a language course and meetings, excluding travel time.
  • The week starts with a weekly kick of meeting with your coordinator and the youth workers.
  • Preparation for sessions of the week.
  • Mostly the morning activities are in schools and in the youth centers in the afternoons.
  • You will have individual and group mentoring once a month, and a training/technical day once a month.

What are the main project milestones?

  • Explore: You will receive an onboarding training after arrival and in April and May you will explore the villages and get to know partners, participate in the first sessions with the Egyesek Youth Workers. It is important that all volunteers explore all the places and tries out all kind of activities.
  • Practice: During summer (June-August) you will participate in a lot of summer camps in the youth centers, villages and provide support for Egyesek other programs
  • Grow and Develop: In September the schools restart and you will focus more on youth centers daily support
  • Evaluation: In the last month of the project you will reflect on the achievement, say goodbye for children and partners, fill your YouthPass and prepare for handover.

Apply if you meet the criteria's below:

  • You are between 18-30 years old
  • You are interested in non-formal learning activities and grassroots youth work
  • You would like to design and deliver creative workshops for kids
  • You are ready to spend 10 months in an international group while building the local community
  • You have not been yet on a long term ESC project (more than 2 months) 

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