3 Προτάσεις από την ΕΛΙΞ για EVS στην ΠολωνίαΠρόταση EVS από την ΕΛΙΞ στην Πολωνία

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Η ΕΛΙΞ σε συνεργασία με την οργάνωση Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu - FIYE Poland στην Πολωνία προτείνει 3 προγράμματα EVS για 9 μήνες.

- 2009-PL-17 "Helping Hand" Foundation
- 2010-PL-78 Sociotherapy Centre for Children and Youth "Jedrus"
- 2010-PL-89 Education, Rehabilitation and Welfare Centre "Helenow"

Τοποθεσία: Warszawa
Χώρα: Πολωνία
Έναρξη: 1 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012 - 31 Μαΐου 2013 (9 μήνες)
Θέμα 1ο: Disability
Θέμα 2ο: Children & Youth

Προθεσμία για την αίτηση: 13 Ιανουαρίου 2012 (16:00)

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Πρόταση EVS από την ΕΛΙΞ στην Πολωνία
* ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΟ: παρακαλώ να σημειώνεις σε πιο πρόγραμμα ενδιαφέρεσαι αναφέροντας τον όνομα του στο email και στο EVS Application form - FIYE Poland

Host projects coordinated by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu

2009-PL-17 "Helping Hand" Foundation - work with intellectually disabled adult people

10 Odrebna Street, 04-867 Warszawa, Poland

Volunteers' activities include:
- helping the people with everyday activities (getting dressed, washing oneself, preparing food)
- helping the therapists with running occupational therapies (education classes, art classes, sport classes, theatre classes, music classes, cooking classes, weaving and pottery classes)
- helping with controlling safety during trips, cultural events, social meetings and other outdoor activities
- participating in everyday activities of the House such as helping to keep cleanliness and order in residents' rooms and common spaces of the House as well as in the surrounding area, gardening and simple manual work (painting, removing branches).

Remarks: the work is quite monotonous, the residents are very friendly but reluctant. The volunteer needs to be active and have a sense of initiative, moreover basic artistic skills will be helpful.

Number of volunteers: 2 (from different countries)

2010-PL-78 Sociotherapy Centre for Children and Youth "Jedrus" – work with children and youth with difficult background

10 Glowna Street, 05-410 Jozefow (Warsaw), Poland

Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how to:
- conduct classes
- organise various activities for children including excursions and walks
- organise games and other activities in the children's free time
- help in different areas of informal teaching process i.e. how to develop children's hobbies

Volunteers will also have a possibility to support individual teaching process of 1-3 chosen children under the supervision of the qualified staff - it will depend on each volunteer how much time will be spend on that issue. This can include :

- organising classes and activities according to the volunteers` ideas
- learning basic methods of observation and data systematization of data concerning children who need specific treatment
- learning methods of teaching and solving problems (under the supervision of the qualified staff)

Number of volunteers: 2 (from different countries)

2010-PL-89 Education, Rehabilitation and Welfare Centre "Helenow" - work with children and youth with neurological disorders and dysfunctions

80/86 Hafciarska Street, 04-725 Warszawa, Poland

The activities proposed depend on the unit of the Centre:
The main role of the volunteers will be to support assistants, educators and therapists of the Special Education and Treatment Centre, Specialist After School Centre, Autonomous Health Care Centre and Graduate Club. Their tasks will include helping with care activities as well as with running therapies and after school activities. Depending on the unit, where the volunteer will be working at, following task are possible:

1. Specialist After School Centre
- help with organising after-school activities for children and youth: transporting the pupils on the area of the Centre, helping them with self-care activities;
- help with running planned after-school activities.

2. Special Education and Treatment Centre
- help with running day room activities for the pupils of the boarding school;
- help with homework and self-study activities for the pupils of the boarding school;
- help with self-care activities
- transporting the pupils on the area of the dormitory and the Centre;
- help with organising and running optional and free time activities at the dormitory and during excursions and trips.

3. Autonomous Health Care Centre
- supporting therapists in conducting therapies such as physical therapy, music therapy, art therapy or hippo therapy.

4. The Graduate Club
- help with running activities such as sport activities, excursions, shopping;
- organising and running metadata workshops (teaching foreign metadatas in an informal way through games, exercises, doing tasks, e. g. shopping, together);
- organising and running culture workshops presenting the volunteer’s country and culture.

Working part time for other units of the Centre will be also possible.

Number of volunteers: 3 (from different countries)

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